Who am I?

I'm a passionate 17-year-old, who loves learning and wants to share everything he learns with the world.

I started using X (Twitter) over 4 years ago and learned a lot on the way. I don’t know everything, but I try my best to share everything I know about how to grow on social media, as well as share everything new I learn, to hopefully help you grow your social media accounts too.

Reader Thinker Writer

Those are the three words I stand by.

Reading gives me all the knowledge I need.

Thinking allows me to reflect on my knowledge.

Writing allows me to share what I think for the world to see.

My goal:

I want to spread as much knowledge as possible, to try and make this world a more knowledgeable and better place, I believe knowledge is the basic foundation for freedom.

I try to avoid talking about what I don’t know about, that’s why I talk about Social Media, which is something I know something about.

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